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Evaluate sales and marketing professionals with the best method on the market.


Evaluate sales and marketing professionals with the best method on the market.

Receive reports with strong scientific support and understand the potential of sales and marketing professionals.

Ensure solid data for your decision making.

Apply and guarantee a scientific assessment.
Use custom video cases in assessments.
Deeply understand the potential of evaluated professionals.
Count on sales and marketing experts.

Rely on sales and marketing experts.

You have an alignment meeting of the project with our experts.

We customize the evaluation parameters to the specific need of the client.

Profile test application, logic and motivators test added to a technical video-case (customized for each client).

Individual in-depth interview and professional references calls.

Specialists final presentation and delivery of reports with collective and individual diagnosis (strengths and development points).

Evaluate the potential of sales and marketing professionals in a scientific way.

Talk to our experts.

Some of the +800 clients

Some of the +500 clients

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Our numbers

859 %
of satisfied clients (assessment service).
sales and marketing executives already evaluated.
hours of evaluation per professional.

Evaluate sales and marketing professionals with the best method on the market.

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The main difference is that both DISC, MBTI and Hogan are profile tests based on one single line of thought, generally applied 100% online via a questionaire, while our assessment is comprised of a set of 6 evaluative tools combined, among them 4 tests. Some of these steps are remote (DISC test, Motivators test, logic test and video case application) and others live, Custom Interview and 360 degree references.

We apply a total of 6 combined evaluative tools, which are highly complementary to reach the technical conclusions and recommendations of the reports: a. DISC profile test, b. Motivators test, c. Logic test, d. Video-case application, e. Customized interview and f. 360 degree reference check.

Our assessments are used for two purposes: Assessing the level and type of aptitudes of sales and marketing professionals and comparing sales and marketing professionals with each other, both generally for the purpose of deciding on hires, promotions and dismissals.

Our assessment applies a set of tools that have been carefully selected and 100% based on the statistical correlation of each tool. That is: the level of reliability that each tool has demonstrated in field surveys of impartial entities (universities and entities with no interest in the search result). This leads to the conclusion that by applying the 3 tools that are the most scientifically incisive to assess potential, which curiously are some of the least used in other assessments in the market, namely: logic test, semi-structured interviews and application of cases.

Our reports are customized according to the contracted assessment package and the client’s goals with it, but they always include our evaluation structure and its results, such as: Result in the logic test, DISC profile, Motivators profile, evaluation received in video case, interview evaluation and transcribed reference.

Yes, all assessments offer full monitoring by the consultant who applied and built the assessment report.

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