Digital AI Recruiter

Advertise your job openings in over 30 websites. They are automatically screened and available for hiring in a few days.


Digital AI Recruiter

Advertise your job openings in over 30 websites. They are automatically screened and available for hiring in a few days.

Paula, our digital recruiter can automate every operational step of your job openings for sales and marketing positions.

Hire with the most inovative and assertive technology.

Our main diferentials:

Raise over 10x more the speed you find candidates.
Have access to candidates with 100% prerequisites.
Lower your interview time.
Let Paula do everything, you only need to assess the best candidates.

Hire in five easy steps

Open your job post on our website.

Paula will advertise a recruitment campaign in over 30 websites.

Paula authomatically screens applicants for you.

You receive a candidate list with prerequisites and an introduction video.

You watch and select the best candidates for interviews and hiring. Paula sends the remaining applicants their feedbacks.

Raise over 10x more the speed you recruit.

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Our numbers

Our numbers

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of open job posts are closed only through the use of this tool.
average number of candidates presented, containing all the prerequisites for each job opening.
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of assertiveness of your self-screening.

Raise over 10x how fast you recruit

Raise over 10x how fast you recruit

Questions? Check our FAQ

Each vacancy entitles the client to an exclusive advertising campaign and automatic screening lasting 12 days. We currently have an average results of 150 candidates per vacancy, with 8% approval of candidates with all prerequisites. These indicators are only current averages and may vary according to the amount of requirements and desired profile, the result being 100% variable because it is a tool set directly by the customer and based on automation.

During the process, if the client is not satisfied with the approved profiles, he/she can request a calibration campaign, in order to adjust the filters and optimize the results for the remaining days of the project. After the recruitment is completed, if the final list does not meet your need, the client has access to the complete list of professionals evaluated, including all rejected candidates, and may re-evaluate these candidates. In case your demand is still not met, it is possible to evaluate a new fundraising campaign. This action is complementary and has an extra cost, its feasibility will be evaluated by the Account Manager before execution.

The customer can cancel the vacancy at any time through the tool itself, without additional charge.

The main advertising channels we use are: Google, Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, Vagas, Catho, Infojobs, Google jobs, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Jobtome, Jobrápido, Careerjet, partnerships with institutions, among others. Altogether there are more than 30 channels used.

The product can meet any and all market segments. As for the size of the vacancy, although the technology works at any hierarchical level, it is characterized by being very transactional (candidates will go through each step quickly and without human contact), which can be very impersonal for senior management vacancies, which usually demand a more customized and consultative interface with candidates. It is therefore up to the client to define if and how to use the technology in their most senior positions.

There are 4 main differences: 1. Unlike most job or advertising sites, we advertise the job in +30 places and using partnerships and sponsored promotions, that is, we allocate a specific budget to exclusively advertise your vacancy; 2. Our automated screening specializes in sales and marketing, having over 90% assertiveness, that is, it really automates required assessment, unlike general employment websites, which have lower effectiveness in screening generic requirements; 3. We have the largest qualified sales and marketing talent bank in Latin America with more than 100,000 qualified professionals, which makes our access to candidates much more effective; 4. Our software was designed for you to have a fast and efficient interaction with the vacancy and candidates, that is, you can filter, approve, disapprove and quickly contact candidates.

Through integration with more than 30 partner platforms for job promotion, marketing campaigns, in addition to FS’ own bank, which is currently the largest talent bank for sales and marketing positions in Latin America.

In total 15 days. The publicity campaign starts running within 72 hours after the opening date of the vacancy, and it will already allow you to receive candidates. On average 7 days later, the first candidates appear on the list of approved candidates. The disclosure will be active for 12 days, and during this period you will receive candidates approved by the tool with artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Yes. From the creation of the vacancy, it is already possible to follow it up.

From 4% to 15% of applicants, it depends on the screening criteria you set, which can more or less restrict approval. Overall, the current average is up to 10 professionals on the long list.

We use marketing campaigns tailored exactly to the number of contracted vacancies. Therefore, if you open 1 vacancy, we scale the costs and marketing efforts to reach the necessary indicators for a vacancy. It may happen that there is a higher performance than expected, but it is not the real expectation and may frustrate your selection process. If you want to close more than one vacancy, it is necessary to dimension the campaign costs for this, therefore, open more than one position.

No. The IA Digital Recruiter solution is a tool for process optimization. From the moment we make available the finalists sample, you have the option of hiring one or all professionals. The tool is not linked to the hiring or not of the professional.

The tool has varying results according to the levels of attractiveness and difficulty of the vacancy. The current average of successful candidates on the long list is up to 10 candidates with prerequisites. This number is usually sufficient for a standard process, in which the client selects 3 to 4 of this total for interviews, and finally ends up choosing one to hire. Our assertiveness indicator in this product currently is that 72% of customers are able to complete their vacancies using the tool.

No. The solution has a fixed fee, which is made up of the budget for publicizing and maintaining the FS system and the support team. Upon acquisition of the service, the full amount is charged to start the dissemination and capture.

You will have access to the system for up to 30 days after the end of the recruitment campaign, having full access to the long list of approved candidates. After this period, the vacancy is usually closed. If you need more time to evaluate, it can be extended by the account manager who will assess the need on a case-by-case basis.

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